Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scared of sleeping....?

Scared of sleeping....?i am 18. im afraid to go to sleep. every night i stay up until 7:30 am, watching TV, listening to music, playing the ps2, i stay awake at night on purpose, and i sleep during the day. im scared to sleep at night. 5 months ago is when i started to be scared of sleeping...5 months ago i had seen shadow figures 3 times. i saw the shadows for only 2-3 seconds then they vanished but the shadow figures scared me to death. i also heard my name being whispered at night for 4 nights straight, i don't anymore, thank god. all that happened 5 months ago, and it hasn't happend since. but now at night i always think that a demon might be hiding in my room somewhere(i do believe in demons)and that if i lay down in my bed and close my eyes, then the demon will think that im sleeping and so it'll start do stuff, like walk around my room, stand over me, pull me out of bed, scream in my face, sit on my bed, etc... every little noise freaks me out, i am extremely terrified of demons. because of this i pray every night, and i have to sleep with a bible, and stuffed animals. i also have 2 necklaces of crosses hanging on my wall in my room, to keep the demons away... i never used to do any of this stuff up until 5 months ago... my mom keeps calling me paranoid but i don't think i am...how can i sleep at night when im terrified of demons? thanks for any help :)
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Best Answer - Chosen by VotersYes, demons are very real and I feel for you, having these problems. You are not paranoid, this kind of oppression does happen. I went through something extremely similiar when I was younger, and yes there is a way to get freedom from this kind of demonic interference. Only Jesus Christ can free you from this kind of demonic oppression. I first must ask you if you are saved. Believing in Christ for your salvation is critical. Crosses cannot help you ward off demons. Also, practices like Yoga (which is a Hindu ritual) will potentially increase demonic and spiritual warfare against you, as it is a pagan practice that honors the Hindu gods and Christ commanded that we worship no false gods. This is a very complicated subject to answer in a forum like this. Feel free to contact me if you need more help. I have been where you are now, and Christ has freed me from this kind of spiritual warfare in the past. Here is a website on spiritual/demonic warfare that may help you. I advise you read it, even though it's a little lengthy, it should help:

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